Violent Video Games. Is it really a problem? Will an Adults Only rating help?


Violent Video Games. Is it really a problem? Will an Adults Only rating help?

Violent video games are causing violence in the youth of America!!” This is something I have been hearing more and more lately. Mainly from scared Politicians,Violent Video Games. Is it really a problem? Will an Adults Only rating help? Articles who would rather go after video games than the real issues. Sure video games have more graphic violence than they did in the past. But that’s only because computer graphics are much more advanced than a few years ago.

Back in July 2005, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) announced that she will introduce legislation to help keep inappropriate video games out of the hands of children. She also called upon the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take immediate action to determine the source of graphic pornographic and violent content appearing on the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” video game. After finding out that this graphic content can be unlocked by following instructions widely available on the Internet. Some of the measures Senator Clinton was suggesting are, changing some of the violent video games ratings to a Adults Only (AO) rating. Also She suggested that the Government go after retailers who fail to follow the games rating, and sell video games to people underage.          Ok so video games retailers should follow the games rating, and not sell minors. But is this really that big of a problem? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I find it hard to believe that stores are selling M Rated games to small children. Perhaps this problem of kids having access to violent video can be pointed elsewhere, namely the Parents!! OOhh but it can’t be their fault, right? It seems as tho, no one can take responsibility for their own these days. I have 2 kids of my own, and I know exactly what my kids are playing. How do I know? Because I’m the one who buys the games, akslot and I don’t allow my kids to play overly violent video games. I know My kids, and I know what video games they are mature enough to play.

     In my opinion adding a Adults Only rating to violent video games, is just another form of censorship. Of course the Politicians who are trying to implement these laws would disagree. “It’s to protect the children” seems to be their rally cry. So why do I say it’s a form of censorship? Because if violent video games have a Adults Only rating, most major retailers will not sell games at their stores. Since the vast majority of video games are sold in stores and not online, it would cripple the video game producers. It cost millions of dollars to make these games, and if they can’t sell the games in stores then they will most likely just quit making them. Sounds like censorship to me.          So my suggestion to help “Protect the children” from violent video games, is to be PARENT and watch your own kids. Know what video games your kids are playing and if it’s inappropriate, don’t allow them to play it. We don’t need Big Brother looking over our shoulders, telling us how to raise our kids. Maybe these politicians in Washington should take care of som

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